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How long have you been an artist?

 I have been drawing ever since I was knee-high and could hold a pencil in my grubby little hands. My entire childhood consisted of playing Legend of Zelda on a Gamecube and filling spiral-bound notebooks full of drawings and doodles, front to back.

 I have never taken any professional classes or gone to college for my art - unless of course you count your run of the mill art classes available in any general public school setting. I suppose you can say I'm self taught!

What program and tools do you use to create your digital art?

Do you still do Traditional Art?

You have a lot of Sylvari & Guild Wars 2 art, is that the only content you draw?

 I currently use PaintToolSAI V2 with a Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet!

 I do, but I no longer seek to offer traditional medium works for commissions. I will sometimes start a drawing off with a traditional sketch and then complete it digitally, but that is the extent of my traditional work at this point in time. 

 I do not strictly draw GW2 or Sylvari art, and I will gladly draw characters and OCs from other fantasy settings as well!


 I have only just recently started commission work, and for a long time I did not branch outside of my immediate social circle of Sylvari Enthusiasts - This is why there are so many colorful plant people scattered about my portfolios currently!

 I am hoping to create a more diverse gallery as more drawing opportunities come along, so in the future there may be more races and creatures displayed!

How long does it take for you to complete a commission?

 That really depends on the commission, but I would estimate my average time as roughly 1-3 weeks!

Are your commissions open right now?

 You will need to check the Commission Info page!

Is there anything you're unwilling to draw?

 Please review the ToS located on the Commission Info page, as well as review my portfolios to see if there is any art there similar to what you are looking to request. You can always ask me as well, and we can discuss what you have in mind!

Some of your art is signed KAT while others are signed KATNAXEL... Why is that?

With my transition from traditional media to digital media, I reworked a lot of things - including my signature! This is because my goal was to take my artwork more seriously, and so I created the KATNAXEL watermark to replace my simpler KAT signature.


All art will be signed with this new mark, so artwork marked KAT are simply older pieces from another time!As I develop a larger digital art portfolio, I will be removing older traditional arts that have the KAT signature, unless they are updated to have both. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!