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Commission Info



There are 5 slots available

1) Kofi Winner: Daarka 

2) Zee
3) Brehmy Bear

4) Available
5) Available

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What to consider before getting a Commission 

  • Review the ToS (Terms of Service) to understand any restrictions and rules that are in place when it comes to my art. When you commission me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service. Failing to read the ToS provided does not exempt you from them.

  • You must be 18+ to request NSFW art. By agreeing to this term of sale when requesting an NSFW piece, you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age.

  • For inquiries about possible commissions, I ask that you please review my Portfolio or social media accounts to see exactly what it is I draw and how I would draw it. If you don’t see something you’d like, you are welcome to ask me! However, chances are if you don’t see it, I may not be comfortable with it.

  • To secure a slot, you must contact me while the slots are "OPEN". Once we've communicated what you would like to be done, you will have your slot secured and noted on the public wait list!

    Please note that Commission Requests that are submitted while commissions are "CLOSED" will not be looked at - any requests prior to commissions are "OPEN" will not save you a spot in advance. The rule of dibs does not apply, I'm sorry!


  • All commissions are First Come, First Serve basis. Accepted commissions will be limited to the available slots only; if they are full, I am closed!

What to do with a completed Commission?

  • Review the ToS (Terms of Service) to understand any restrictions and rules that are in place when it comes using or sharing any completed art.

  • Please respect that I will always be the owner of the artwork (not the characters), and credit me accordingly when acceptable.

  • Please refrain from uploading my art without my written permission. Instead, please try to share or reblog the completed piece when it is posted to one of my social media pages!


Monthly Ko-Fi Raffle [Click Here]

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What are the Prices for Katnaxel Commissions?

My prices are listed below! Please note all are per character and do not include any additional fees. 


  • Head-Shots = $3

  • Waist-Ups = $5

  • Full Body = $7


  • Head-Shots = $10

  • Waist-Ups = $20

  • Full Body = $30


  • Head-Shots = $20

  • Waist-Ups = $30

  • Full Body = $40


  • Head-Shots = $35

  • Waist-Ups = $45

  • Full Body = $60

What do you mean by "fees"?

Fees will be explained within the ToS, but the fees that may apply to your commission are (and not limited to)

  • Extra Characters 

  • NSFW Fee 

  • Consultation Fee 

  • Intricate Backgrounds/Poses

  • Late Edits/Additions

  • And so on...

All Fees will be communicated and invoiced, and must be paid for before the commission can be started, continued, or completed.